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Yieldnodes Profit for August 10.6%



The profits are in, 10.6% has been earned in the month of August. This month went over well and profits are in the double digits! Bitcoin has risen to over 50k USD, this is indirectly related to the performance of Yieldnodes. (the masternoded coins often rise and fall with bitcoin)


An Attack!

Yieldnodes also reported that malicious parties have tried to use methods to breach the login page, this was unsuccesful. No information or anything was stolen but always have the multi-factor authentication enabled to protect your investment. Yieldnodes recommends the Google Authenticator one as it is more reliable over SMS.


Risk Assesment

Yieldnodes has also added a risk-assesment it’s a long read but has some crucial information to help you understand the risks with the program.


Creating PDF files

Creating PDF’s has been added to the features of Yieldnodes. Find it under the Reports Tab at the bottom. This will help users get more insight into their earnings.

Expect Sapphire pay-outs on the 4th of October, and BTC as always on the 8th!

Fund 2021 Return: 91.7%