YieldNodes September Performance Report: 7.7% Profit

YieldNodes September Performance Report: 7.7% Profit

The month is over and crypto markets seem to have declined / stagnated for the last 30 days. This means that if you would have held BTC in a wallet, not much has changed. Nevertheless Crypto masternoding profits farmed by Yieldnodes has reached a clean 7.7%. These profits have already been credited to your account.


In other news, Yieldnodes mentioned in their email (register free to receive it) that they are looking for people to act as an in-house “auditor” and visit the YieldNodes office in Malta, shake hands with the Architect behind everything Noding / Staking – Urs, see the offices, confirm the node and wallet balances, and ultimately compare deposited / compounded funds against company holdings …in essence, proving that their business model has worked for the past 2 years.


Institutional Investors

As Yieldnodes grows, more and more options open up to join big investment rounds in special deals with great returns. 


New Features + USDT Deposit in the works.

Yieldnodes is working hard at a feature that lets you gift away balances (to friends and family, perhaps?), or to help fund less fortunate people. We are also looking to add the ability to deposit via USDT (tether) as this has been requested frequently.

Yieldnodes has failed us

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Exchanges and Attacks

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