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Yieldnodes has reported a gain of 10.1% for the month of October.

Also reports of a completed audit have been given! The report of this audit is scheduled to be released on 8th of November and some nice pictures of the offices and the team!


As always, expect payouts for Sapphire on the 4th and BTC on the 8th!


If you like what we do, we’d really appreciate a review on Trustpilot:


Despite all the enthusiasm, please stay mindful and diversified in your investments.


We are constantly aware of the huge responsibility we carry, and it’s not always easy – sometimes even burdening, but it’s also extremely rewarding to know that you’re doing a good thing, and working with good people 🙂

However, it’s important that you never put all your eggs in one basket!

With that, as always, thank you for your trust and lets keep going strong!

YieldNodes Server Issues

As has been pointed, Yieldnodes experienced downtime due to a DDOS Attack.

Yieldnodes is currently in the process of upgrading to a newer system and will be better protected against this type of attack in the future. Nothing was lost as this is merely an attempt to ‘overload’ the web server by sending it many useless requests. The members section was unaffected by this act.

Upgrades are ongoing: Building more defenses costs time so please be patient while Yieldnodes improves the servers. They stated that the estimate  is 24-48 hours for the mainsite to be up and running again.

Thankfully YieldNodes is self maintaining. No matter these attacks, all services on the operational & financial side are going smoothly.