YieldNodes Profits Report (7.2%) November


Dear YieldNoders!

We’re excited to report a gain of 7.2% for the month of November! The crypto market has retraced from its all-time highs, but we still achieved more than decent profits. Expect the returns reflected in your account tomorrow. As always, payments are on track for 4th of December (Sapphire) and 8th for BTC.


Yieldnodes announced the new “Pay it forward” feature that has been requested, and is coming out right on time for the season of giving 🙂

It enables you to gift between 100 and 5,000 Euros to anyone within the Yieldnodes system!

If the gift is claimed by a new YieldNodes member then you’ll receive a 5% commission on that amount.

The feature is accessible from inside your yieldnodes member area, under Affiliate.

USDT (TRC-20) deposits coming!

Another often-requested feature is live already, but is still in testing phase, so expect the full roll out over the coming month once we’ve made sure everything works as it should.

Yieldnodes is grateful to have you aboard and appreciate your trust in us. We’ve come far and look forward to a nice Christmas and a successful 2022 with all the members

Stay safe out there – hug your loved ones!


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