YieldNodes Merry Christmas & a gift from us to you

YieldNodes Merry Xmas & 25 Euro Gift

Dear YieldNoders!

On behalf of the whole YieldNodes network we’d like to wish you a merry Christmas!

It’s our second Christmas with Yieldnodes so we wanted to show our appreciation with a small gift.

with that in mind, every funded* account will be credited with a 25 euro Christmas gift! (will appear as idle deposit) It’s only a small gesture, but we hope it goes some way towards showing that we truly appreciate you, your trust, and your committment to helping us build a decentralized economy together!

In the coming year we plan to involve the community (yes, you!) more and more as the projects mature and the use cases for coins grow. A LOT is planned, and we’re only just starting, but we’re also very happy with what we’ve archieved together already and we’re excited to tackle the challenges ahead!

Happy new year!

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