Yieldnodes Profit Report December: 7.5%

Valued members,

Yieldnodes network wishes any and all people a happy new year.

The results for december are in, we landed on: 7.5%

Although there has been better months, the crypto market has produced slightly worse results then expected (BTC at 100k was not even close) Still impressive that the Yieldnodes system returned a great profit.

Fund 2021 Return: 124.2%*

*Your return might be higher as we deposited a bit late in januari.

As usual, expect withdrawals for Sapphire coin to be processed on the 4th, and BTC on the 8th. Looking to the future, it’s important that Yieldnodes stays agile, and focuses on growing the Decenomy. With more and more members joining, support requests are also increasing. This takes away focus from growing the system.

To reduce unneccecary requests we will streamline the FAQ and our support system, after we won’t respond to already answered questions in the FAQ.

Everything is on going according to plan, and we’ll hopefully have some exciting news to share soon.

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