Withdrawals paid & merch drop!

Dear YieldNoders,


Withdrawals have been processed!


Important!: It takes time to confirm transactions so wait until tomorrow if you think something has gone amiss to contact support.

We appreciate your patience.

– Withdrawals requested between December 16th and January 15th will be processed on February 4th / 8th

– Withdrawals requested between January 16th and February 15th will be processed on March 4th / 8th

We we get together to double-check and manually verify the transactions to be certain that everything is done correctly, and spend a couple of hours on withdrawal day to ensure the math makes sense.

If we relied on automated processes then the risk of something going amiss would be too high, or a clever hacker could drain funds via an automated process.


The Decenomy & YieldNodes Merch


You can now buy Hoodies, Flipflops, Laptop bags, Mugs, etc. from https://decenomy.myshopify.com/

100% of the profits go into the YieldNodes Masternoding pool. Liam D. is doing this just to support us!


Decenomy Coins Mobile Wallets


The Mobile wallet Application for Yieldnodes coins is in the testing phase. We’ll soon launch them to the public so you’ll be able to store Decenomy coins on your cellphone.


USDT Withdrawals


Also in the making, after successfully integrating USDT (trc-20) deposits, we’re now working on USDT withdrawals. It’ll take a little while and will also be implemented in stages to test it, but it’s in the works. Stay tuned!

The cryptomarket is swinging downwards but decenomy is keeping quite stable.


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