YieldNodes Profits Report (8%) January

Dear Yieldnoders,


Profits for January are in, we have generated a yield of 8% this month. This should be considered a great return considering the market has retraced quite a bit! The yield has been deposited in all funded accounts and will be compounded starting today!


New withdrawal option available – Sapphire (SAPP coin).


What can you do with SAPP coin?

  • Exchange it for goods: Buy giftcards for Amazon, Netflix, Steam, Apple, Android & more stores at: https://sappshopping.com/
  • Masternode: Be in charge of your own masternode and use them to generate more yield while you wait for coin appreciation (more coins + coin value appreciation on top) https://ihostmn.com/
  • HODL: Hold them in your own wallet as a long term investment as we grow in value and size!



IMPORTANT: In your profit communication your profit might be noted as slightly less because we credited the Christmas Bonus of €25 on the 25th of Dec that became active earning In January. It was handled like a regular fund deposit which is subject to the 7 days “grace” period by our system, explaining the slight deviation! Its calculated in your advantage.



USDT withdrawals should be available by the end of February. This option will require us taking a 1% withdrawal fee.

The reason behind it is, we work with nodes and coins where the main exchange form for profits is BTC. In order to get USDT, we need to exchange those funds from BTC to USDT. It’s another layer subject to price fluctuations and speculation increasing risk.


Please don’t think that we’re changing the business!
Sapphire (SAPP) and BTC withdrawals remain free of charge.

Register today and start your journey.

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