YieldNodes Profits Report (8.3%) February

Valued Members!

The month of february has come to a close and an impressive (considering the state of the crypto markets & the world!) 8.3% profits have been achieved.

YieldNodes & Current world affairs

We’re deeply saddened by current events regarding the conflict in Ukraine. We take a hard stance and support our Ukrainian friends against any and all Russian aggression. To support this cause, Yieldnodes now has a “donation from withdrawable funds” feature. (All donations will be matched 100% by the creators of Yieldnodes’s private funds)

Upon sending these funds a transparent way will be used so you know the money will go to good cause.

When people need to flee underground and to other countries in fear, and children are collateral damage, you need to act and provide help. 

Yieldnodes considers itself to be a force of good, and want to be able to face ourselves in the mirror. Yieldnodes has also purchased two buses that help to carry over disabled refugees from Ukraine into Europe.

Decenomy location in Malta & Team Meeting

There has been a team meeting in Malta in the Yieldnodes offices, and are happy to unveil the construction of what is hopefully the first of many Decenomy locations around the world. 

Malta will be the first, but many more will follow – expanding the decenomy knowledge and coin usage all across Europe and the world!

Payments will be on the 4th for Sapphire and 8th for BTC. Tether
(TRC-20) withdrawals are currently in live testing and are following soon!

Please stay strong – despite current world events.

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