YieldNodes Profits Report (7.4%) March

Hello, dear YN holder!

Another month has passed and we are happy to announce that our masternode profits for March amounted to 7.4%. Please keep in mind that withdrawals between Feb 16th and Mar 15th will be paid on Apr 4th (for Sapphire) and Apr 8th (for BTC), while any requests made after March 15th will be paid in May.

YieldNodes is pleased to announce that we will be conducting an audit in the near future. We plan to do at least one audit per year, with the next one scheduled for June/July. If you are interested in participating in the audit, all Yieldnoders will have a chance starting in May. We look forward to hearing from you!

Decenomy takes over Flits and the team will stay as it is (need great programmers!). Their wallet technology and Masternode capabilities will be very beneficial for further growth. Mobile wallets for the Decenomy coins are coming soon! Happy Investing!

We’re still testing USDT (TRC-20) withdrawals, but we’re encountering a few bugs. Please bear with us – we want to release the feature this month, but we’d rather have everything working well from the outset than have issues later on. As always, thank you for your continued support!

Yieldnodes.com has is working on an updated guide to Masternoding. This comprehensive guide covers everything from setting up a masternode to earning rewards. For anyone looking to get into Masternodes, or for those who are already involved with YN and want to learn more, this guide is a must-read. Coming soon!

A debit card is coming! All our customers will be able to use their Yieldnodes account as a debit card. Our partnership with a credit card company means you can now buy anything anywhere, anytime and never have to worry about running out of funds. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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