YieldNodes Profits Report April (8.3%)

Good day Yieldnoders,

It has been another month of producing Yield and we are happy to share a profit of 8.3% with you all. Up from last month but not near all-time highs, crypto land is still trading somewhat flat and this also results in ‘average’ profits. Most stocks, assets and currencies are experiencing troubles as there is war in Europe and economic war against Russia. As mentioned on this site: withdrawals requested by the 15th of this month will be processed by the 8th of next month to give us time to free up capital for the withdrawal.

The portugese language is now available within Yieldnodes thanks to translations provided by a member. As you may have noticed: USDT withdrawals are now possible! A maybe more stable withdrawal method but does generate some extra work for the Yieldnodes team. Because extra capital must be reserved and measures/ safeguards put in place: a 1% fee will be deducted per withdrawal using USDT. BTC and SAPP remain free of fees! 

The risk disclaimer has been updated and new sections have been marker in yellow text for the time being. Please visit our home page for a link to the risk assesment and read it carefully!

The interface has been modified with ‘min’ and ‘max’ buttons to make depositing and withdrawing easier. Yieldnodes is currently working on building a video archive containing how-to material and informational content. You can find the new- and-improved knowledge database website here.

The next audit of Yieldnodes will take place in Malta from the 13th to the 16th. Instructions on how to join this audit will be provided shortly. Do not contact Yieldnodes as we have way to many members to invite all.

Goverment partnership incoming?

Yieldnodes has been in contact with government entities and high-ranking officials to partner with a sovereign government! The details will be announced soon.

Thanks for your continued support!

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