YieldNodes Profits Report May (6.5%)

Dear Yieldnoder,


Results for May are in and we have achieved a clean +6.5% yield in the system despite markets crashing lower every month. The crashes have been partially due to inflation, war and turmoil in Crypto stablecoins. UST and LUNA have dropped to zero and seem to have brought some fears to the market.



Yieldnodes and the masternoding ecosystem had no liquidity exposure to these coins but got drawn down just as Bitcoin did. It was a good wake-up call that reminds us not to become complacent, and to always keep up with security measures.


Next month, we plan on closing the members area for a few hours to reduce disruption and speed up the process of crediting profits.


The Audit

Tomorrow is the last day to apply for audit participation results will be published on the 3rd of
June, and include a small YouTube video showing the process. 
Five members will be chosen at random, plus five back-up candidates. We will then meet with Urs (the Boss himself) in Malta, and provide deep insights.



We’re excited to announce that the country willing to work with us and our coin network is the Democracy of Sao Tome and Principe. To show that a managed coin network with real assets is a better solution than inflated Fiat money.



As always, withdrawals requested by the 15th of a month are paid out on the 8th of the following month. Requests made after the 15th are rolled forward into the next month. Remain well diversified – do not risk all your assets.

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