YieldNodes Profits Report June (6.1%)

Valued members,

The current economic outlook is not great. Yet Yieldnodes has reported a profit of 6.1%, just a little down from last month.
This month also saw the introduction of the Emergency Withdrawal Bonus Feature. This allows users to purchase emergency funds from users withdrawing and taking the 20% hit.
To stabilize the system, users can deploy funds to profit from this feature! if someone decides to leave early, the penalty for an emergency payout is 25% (not new, it’s always been this way)
That Emergency Payout is now put up for sale, and the lucky buyer gets 20% of the original withdrawal as a bonus, with the other 5% of the original withdrawal flowing back into the YieldNodes Pool for the benefit of everyone.
For example: A member withdrawing 10,000 euros under emergency terms will receive 7,500 euros net (25% of 10,000 being 2,500). Another member purchasing that withdrawal for 7,500 will actually receive 9,500 because of the bonus scheme (20% of 10,000 is 2,000), and the remaining 5% of the original withdrawal (500 euros) is added back into the pool.

  • The goal of this system is to prevent asset erosion and a destabalizing system by mass withdrawal.
  • The 20% difference will also be shared amongst members that purchase these contracts.

We only have a handful of Emergency Withdrawals each month, so it’s quite very rare to find such an offer. We’ll monitor this feature and make necessary adjustments to percentages and/or how it works – that’s why it carries the Beta tag. If you want to fund your account, you’re better off depositing regularly and starting out like a regular Yieldnoder 🙂

Audit Malta 18-21 of July!

Our mid-year Members’ Audit is coming up this month! I’m very confident we’ll be able to show sufficient numbers and assets to please all members invited.
10 Auditors (5 raffled, 5 hand-picked) are visiting, We will meet and greet them while checking out the Malta hub!

As always, and despite all the positivity, keep risk in mind.

Stay safe and invest responsibly.

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