YieldNodes Profits Report July (9.1%)

Dear members,

We are amazed to share with you this month’s yield at 9.2%! The crediting process was also faster this time around as improvements have been made so it won’t take hours to credit everyone. This results in fewer emails asking where the profits are, so support will get less repeat questions.

Audit in Malta

The Yieldnodes audit took place last month, and concluded favorably. Ten members were invited, and we’re pleased to share that all of them were on the same page in concluding Yieldnodes and Decenomy are both healthy and solvent.

First and foremost we want to be held accountable by our valued members, hence the need for these bi-yearly audits. They’re regular members of the community, so neither they nor we claim any accreditation in auditing.

It’s also a great feedback opportunity for all of us so we don’t lose sight of what our members want.

Yieldnodes remains a high risk venture, and never claims to be safe. Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose!

Learn how here, and feel free to submit your own content to assist others in learning

Withdrawal requests submitted by the 15th of the month will be paid out on the 4th and USDT + BTC on the 8th. Withdrawals requested after the 15th will be rolled over to the next month.

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