Yieldnodes: a Reduction in fees

Dear members,

We have some great news to share with you outside of the normal profit notifications. Today we received notification from Steve, the YN Admin that fees will be reduced! Basically this means the percentage of profit is reduced from 15% to 12.5% . Iinstead of 85% of profits you now recieve 87.5%. 


This reduction shows the great financial health and sustainability of the project. Building an economy you can trust and see as a store of value.


This is not about money but about fulfilling our dream of building something that is transparent, usable contributing to healthy stable wealth management. we project the share of fees YN takes to go down further and further with growth.


To combat the abuse of the emergency withdrawal system, a limit of 5000 dollars in account balance was put in place to ensure small bot accounts do not resell the available withdrawals. This also came with a time limit of one EM withdrawal per 24 hours which also has been lifted. 


This system has been replaced with a 48 hour ban for any unpaid emergency withdrawal claim, followed up by a permanent ban if this happens again with the same account. A long requested feature has been the dividing up of large emergency withdrawals into smaller seperatly claimable EM withdrawals, this has been implemented and working as expected! 


Thanks you and stay humble.


YieldNodes App is currently under Google Review wait until the official announcement to look for it in the store.



Also dont forget the 10% Bonus with Sapphire is still on until
end of the month! 



Quick extra notice: any deposit into the Yieldnodes system will now offer 10% extra as instant value by using the new SAPP Deposit feature. Use Yieldnodes to generate your personal SAPP address and deposit directly to receive the bonus (only valid in September)


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