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Generate Passive Crypto

Yieldnodes is a platform that invests in masternoding. Masternodes are the entities that help the blockchain network process transactions and store them on the blockchain.


This is different from trading or mining and generates stable profits of 5 – 15% per month, returns also compound based on your original investment.

About the Platform

YieldNodes is a complex, multi-tiered masternode rental program based on the new blockchain deconomy (decentralised economy)

Profits are generated through a combination of masternoding, price increases and cryptocurrency services that work in together to leverage each other in their own contained ecosystem. Since inception YieldNodes has not only grown considerably, but has also encompassed other areas to stabilize returns.

These include its own listed cryptocoin, its own decentralized exchange, and a crypto-denominated shopping area. Future services, cooperations and business cases are in development.

Started as a side project in 2018, YieldNodes experienced an extensive beta with a group of hand-picked early adopters around the end of October 2019.

Over the next 22 months (beta testing and live operation), YieldNodes generated a return of 239.6% for those participants

 – despite the global pandemic.

Smart and Secure Way To Invest In Crypto

Compound interest over longer durations

What is Masternoding ?

How does it work?

No tokens are traded. A masternode is a server on the blockchain network that saves blockchain data in realtime and synchronizes this ledger with other masternodes. This proces requires a certain amount of the tokens of that specific crypto to take part, but offers appealing yields as a return. Masternodes perform alternative roles which differ with each coin, but validating transactions is a common one.



It is not mining!

In recent years, “mining” based on proof-of-work consensus (PoW) has been very popular – especially with Bitcoin. This competition increases the overall network difficulty.


With more and more miners competing, an ever increasing technology (hardware) investment is required, along with an ever-increasing amount of energy.


This has made mining significantly less profitable than it once was, and can often be unprofitable when electricity costs are considered. With every “halving” of Bitcoin, it will instantly reduce mining returns by 50%! Masternodes are not effected by this mechanism.


Here are some basic statistics about the program


Summer 2018

Revenue August '21


Masternodes in operation


Avg. monthly yield

11% annual yield of 132% (249.85% compounded)


A Projected 5-15%, paid out every month, and with an interesting twist on our side:

Should the yield drop below 5% for 3 consecutive months, your rental payment will be returned along with any accrued profits (if compounded).

Masternoding is different from trading, loss of capital is highly unlikely.

There are expenses with the program, but servers are rented and contracts can be cancelled.

Fluctuations in crypto prices affect the market, and master node earnings are always in the coins in the masternode, but Yieldnodes staff and their teams monitor the master nodes  24/7 and are able to react quickly to any unexpected events that might impact the yield of such a coin.

Since the deposited stake becomes free again when a master node is terminated, Yieldnodes can pay back deposits at any time.

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