Yieldnodes profits from masternoding

Staking cryptocurrency in masternodes allows Yieldnodes to achieve extraordinary yields while maintaining risk. Yieldnodes users can deposit into the masternode and generate profits of 7-18% per month.

Yieldnodes takes care of it's business

The team takes all measures and steps to guarantee customer satisfaction

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Your introduction into the Yieldnodes network is very easy and can be completed by: bank payment, credit card payment, cryptocurrency deposit or giftcard deposit.



Yieldnodes has been profitable every month from the start in 2018. We can't guarantee that this will never happen but as of yet Yieldnodes projects profits to continue as they have been.



Your funds are stored in different masternodes & wallets to prevent a single point of attack, yieldnodes monitors and proactively acts to stops any attempt to steal funds.

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Investing in Yieldnodes can be very profitable in the long term, our previous yearly yields all grew above 100%. By investing in cryptocurrency as a service, profits can be stable and not correlated to prices of coins.

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We’ve Built the Yieldnodes Deconomy

Offering fair chances to all people.

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You don't need to download anything and we would always recommend against downloading anything that could compromise your security!


Yieldnodes is free. The company is maintained by taking a small percentage of the profits generated every month. +/-12% of profits, no fees are taken if no profits are gained.

100% Passive

Yieldnodes is 100% passive income. All technical work is being done by the team leaving the users with just collecting profits.


Withdrawals are requested before the 15th of each month and paid out on the 8th of the next one. Paid out in BTC or SAPP coin!


Yieldnodes has invested their own assets into crypto projects deemed worthy. Currently over 20+ projects and counting!


Several independent members and youtubers have gained insight into wallets & statistics. These auditers were allowed to report the findings back to the public.

$10+ Million invested

Yieldnodes is available in over 100+ countries.


Years of Experience


Crypto Projects in development


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