Yieldnodes app in the works

Dear Yieldnoders,     June withdrawals have been paid out on time as usual and there’s news of an upcoming Yieldnodes app.   Since the start, there have been apps popping up in the app store on both android and IOS that claim to be from the official devs of Yieldnodes. This is not the… Continue reading Yieldnodes app in the works

The Future Of Cryptocurrency Requires Crypto-Friendly Banks

  For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, the realm of cryptocurrency can be overwhelming. Many people outside the industry believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, while others say they’re a passing fad. However, there is disagreement and ambiguity. There are no global rules on cryptocurrencies, and the currency is not legal tender in any country.… Continue reading The Future Of Cryptocurrency Requires Crypto-Friendly Banks

What the technology hype cycle tells us about the future of cryptocurrency

Getting a ringside seat to cutting-edge technology that has changed the world is one of the fascinating chances I’ve had in my profession. Being at firms with a huge influence on their industry, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and now Coinbase, allows me to work on and experience disruptive technologies every day. Experiencing the Hype Cycle… Continue reading What the technology hype cycle tells us about the future of cryptocurrency

Different between Staking and Masternoding

  Masternodes vs. Proof of Stake: What’s the Difference? Masternodes and staking are often used together, but they are in fact two distinct consensus algorithms. Mining Scrypt on Litecoin is not the same as SHA 256 mining on Bitcoin, despite the fact that they accomplish distributed consensus by locking up “stake,” which acts like collateral… Continue reading Different between Staking and Masternoding

What is a masternode

A master node, also known as a masternode, is a full node that carries out multiple operations or services on the network blockchain to which it is linked. These nodes can be run by anybody, but you must have a specific amount of cryptocurrency and put it in a contract to do so. In this… Continue reading What is a masternode

How to set up a masternode

Investing in cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin and ethereum, has grown considerably popular recently. In comparison to the stock market, the crypto sector still has a lot of room for development. Investing in cryptocurrency implies that you are not bound by the same rules and norms as the traditional market. There does not appear to be much… Continue reading How to set up a masternode

Masternodes risks & benefits

Investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum has reached quite popular levels lately. Compared to the stock market, there is still much room for growth within the space. To invest in crypto means you are not upholden to the same laws and regulations as this age old market does. Expert crypto or beginner crypto… Continue reading Masternodes risks & benefits

Withdrawals paid & merch drop!

Dear YieldNoders,   Withdrawals have been processed!   Important!: It takes time to confirm transactions so wait until tomorrow if you think something has gone amiss to contact support. We appreciate your patience. – Withdrawals requested between December 16th and January 15th will be processed on February 4th / 8th – Withdrawals requested between January… Continue reading Withdrawals paid & merch drop!