Frequently asked questions

Yieldnodes is a fully hands-off approach to masternoding, allowing the users to invest into masternodes without actually dealing with the technical side.

Master nodes are part of the crypto infrastructure that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Ethereum Unlike regular nodes, master nodes do not add new blocks of transactions to the blockchain. Instead, they verify new blocks and perform special roles and actions in governing the blockchain.

The annual percentage yield (APY) is the real rate of return earned on your investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest. Yieldnodes has been able to return +200% per year for many years when compounding 100% of your investment. If you choose to withdraw your earnings for example, often profits are between 100% and 150%.

Compound interest is interest on interest. Yieldnodes compounds your investment monthly, so:

  • First month +10% makes your total: 110% (deposit + yield),
  • Second month +10% makes your profit (1.1 X 1.1 = 1,21) 121% (deposit + yield on yield),
  • Third month (+10%) gives (1.1 X 1.1 X 1.1) 133.1% profit (deposit + yield on yield on yield),
  • Fourth month (+10%) gives (1.1 X 1.1 X 1.1 X 1.1) 146.41% profit (deposit + yield on yield on yield on yield).

    Compounding (monthly) makes your initial investment grow higher based on the months and amount invested.
  1. Open your account at Yieldnodes
  2. Enter your personal details, upload a relevant ID and documents and sign the agreement.
  3. Go to your member’s area, deposit Bitcoin or SAPP coin and choose how much you wish to invest.
  4. Wait until the transaction clears on the blockchain (usually 3-6 confirmations), and then another 7 days until funds are through a ‘grace’ period. (time to put the money in a masternode)
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy the compounding monthly yield!

Currently, Yieldnodes aims to generate 5-15% compounded growth per month. We cannot guarantee this but measures are in place to prevent slow months. Safety of the network, system and integrity of the servers is the first priority. Yieldnodes has never returned a negative Yield or ‘lost’ money of it’s clients!

Yieldnodes has been in beta for a while. Also, links to the trustpilot with reviews are available. Feel free to reach out to our beta testers who get paid regularly – on time… every time! Despite our headline rates, we are not trying to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, we are a community of crypto enthusiasts looking to grow together.

No, bitcoin is too volatile to be a stable investment. Because the program is started in the EURO, what we do is we exchange your deposit into USDT (cryptro stablecoin) and then rent the masternode- servers plus exchange the usdt in the required masternode coin (collateral needed) to initiate the noding process, thus starting to generate the monthly yield!


With the generated coins we setup more nodes (compound), or exchange them for other coins in other cryptocurrencies and set more nodes (diversify), growing our assets by the day (and therefore, yours too!). We keep doing this until we get a withdrawal request. We then change back the coins to BTC or SAPP and pay you out.

Bitcoin is but a tool for us to transfer the “value”. The profits are always made against the Euro to keep it stable & consistent.

We only take a maximum 15% of generated profits to cover the 24/7 monitoring, operation of the servers, assumption of liability for the stakes, and to provide us with some reward for our activities. your bank may take transfer fees but these are out of our control.

Since this is a crypto system, it is easiest to accept deposits in Bitcoin.


Depending on your location, deposits can also be USD and EUR via bank transfer and/or card payments (see the members area)

Minimum is EUR 500 and the maximum is currently EUR 250,000.

Withdrawals can be started from the member area. Each withdrawal request must be put in place by the 15th of the month so we have time to sell the masternodes that hold your coins, so funds will be paid out to you on the 8th of the following month in Bitcoin or SAPP. The minimum withdrawal is 100 EURO. There are NO withdrawal fees!

KYC (Know-your-customer) is a measure that has been put in place to prevent money laundering. By requiring customers make to themselves known, authorities can always trace the origins of funds and therefore investigate suspicious activity if required. Yieldnodes will never share personal details with anyone unless there is no other option. 

Every new deposit into Yieldnodes must be masternoded for at least 6 months. After this period, the deposit can be freely withdrawn. Profits can be withdrawn earlier! This is to ensure that investments can be put in masternoding hardware & software to generate yield and reduce the amount of volatility in the Yieldnodes system that is generated when people withdraw. To protect the interest of long-term investors, the lockup period must exist. Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose!

To answer the question of ‘do I need to pay taxes on my profits?’ it depends fully on what country you are in. Crypto tax laws are currently not very clear and some countries are more forgiving than others. Consult tax lawyer or Google to find out more about your specific obligations. When in doubt don’t invest because tax evasion (even accidentally) can be considered a serious offense.

Yieldnodes does sound to good to be true and many are wrong in assuming the profits will continue as they have been in the past. Like early investors in bitcoin, the earlier you support a project the more profits can be expected. Young projects also carry a higher degree of risk. 

Masternoding and crypto as a whole is still in it’s infancy and therefore profits are high but risks are too. Any geopolitical or financial event such as regulation could ruin the Yieldnodes system. As the crypto market matures and alternatives to masternoding gain more popularity, profits could decrease or stop alltogether.

Yieldnodes has a ‘financial moat’ to survive difficult times but no guarantees can be given like the one that your local bank might (or might not!).


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