Masternodes risks & benefits

Investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum has reached quite popular levels lately. Compared to the stock market, there is still much room for growth within the space. To invest in crypto means you are not upholden to the same laws and regulations as this age old market does. Expert crypto or beginner crypto trader, there does not seem to be much of a difference between the two. With a brief introduction in the concept- and the technical know-how on how to complete transactions with the blockchain. Anyone could be a seasoned crypto investor. Crypto investments however, aren’t entirely without risks. Ponzi scheme’s, MLM’s, rugpulls all fall within expected shananigans that criminals have imagined when engaging in the space. With this article, we would like to give a brief introduction into masternodes, what are they and how could one generate income?

To have a masternode, all you need is a set number of coins as collateral. The amount of coins required and the masternode overall worth is determined by the developers. It’s a more capital heavy form of PoS (Proof-of-stake)

1. Return generated from a masternode.

As this is the mean reason to invest in masternodes, it is always wise to calculate your expected profits by running a full node. It is not easy, there are multiple calculators available. This is unfortunatly not always the only pillar on which to judge an invesment. There are coins with 1000% ROI that might seem appealing, until you find out that the developers ‘create’ so much coins that the value of your masternode will be ‘eroded away’ within a couple of months. The thing to look for is coins with a good future instead of good returns. Any coin that will be around 5-10 years from now will obviously pose a better investment then a short lived one.

2. The niche of your coin

Like many things in life, a coins specializing in a certain thing will always be more interesting to people to invest in then a generalized one. Masternoding for another bitcoin clone will not entice people to grow the ecosystem contrary to investing in a specialized, niche coin that has real use! Read the Whitepaper, read the roadmap, do you like where this coin is going?

3. Conclusion of research results

Doing your own research is the key when choosing a promising altcoin for staking or masternode staking. Do not blindly trust others when they recommend a coin. When you have finished doing research, don’t stop following information of the coin you’ve invested in. Crypto trading, staking and overall ecosystem are highly volatile, one news article can change the rules of the game.

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