Exchanges and Attacks

Yieldnodes members have recently reported to the YN Devs that certain withdrawal payments have been blocked by the exchanges they use. As a reason for these denials, SCAM warnings are given by these exchanges.


Whilst YN acknowledges and appriciates critcism and warnings of potentially risky participation, it’s never stated Yieldnodes is safe and must be seen as a risky and an unregulated investment entity. Yieldnodes takes a strong stand against accusations of ‘Ponzi’ or ‘SCAM’ and is checking legal options against exchanges.


Members are encouraged to always use their own custodial wallets for withdrawals and deposits (and not exchanges) . It’s best to avoid problems because exchanges are not your friends, and can freeze assets if they want. Not your keys, not your coins.


Use case realization for Mobic

The first real life use case is almost complete, and stands near Stuttgart, Germany with our technology partner, EGS.


As you all know, we have been talking for some time about our loading stations and mobile loading containers for electric cars. The time has come where we can actually touch and see these stations.

The first working prototype is installed in collaboration with a small German town!


Tests of the stations show the loading station is working and almost ready to use. Further out is be decentralized loading – giving everyone the opportunity to share electricity and earn Yield by doing so.

We will soon start seeing “DECENOMY loading stations” all over the world! The future is taking shape.

Yieldnodes app in the works

Dear Yieldnoders,



June withdrawals have been paid out on time as usual and there’s news of an upcoming Yieldnodes app.


Since the start, there have been apps popping up in the app store on both android and IOS that claim to be from the official devs of Yieldnodes. This is not the case, no app has been released so far and any app claiming to be such software is probably trying to get your login info. ONLY enter your login info on and nowhere else!



Today we received the news that an official Yieldnodes mobile app is now in the works but NOT available yet! Be patient for the news from the official Yieldnodes channels. This app will allow any member to hold decenomy coins and private keys plus masternoding options outside of Yieldnodes. (diversification is always a smart move)


Stay safe!

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