Yieldnodes: Payout Schedule Changes

Dear members,   The Yieldnodes system has been growing for years now and with these expansion in funds and users, serveral compounding issues have arisen. The time has come to slightly restructure our payout schedules.   Future withdrawals from Yieldnodes (except for SAPP which is more in system control) will begin on the 7th of… Continue reading Yieldnodes: Payout Schedule Changes

Yieldnodes: a Reduction in fees

Dear members, We have some great news to share with you outside of the normal profit notifications. Today we received notification from Steve, the YN Admin that fees will be reduced! Basically this means the percentage of profit is reduced from 15% to 12.5% . Iinstead of 85% of profits you now recieve 87.5%.    This… Continue reading Yieldnodes: a Reduction in fees

YieldNodes Profits Report August (6.1%)

Dear Members,   We are proud to announce the yield for the yieldnodes system for this month coming in at 6.1% for august. Given the recent market volatility, Yieldnodes is happy and satisfied with this result.   Last week the announcement came in that Yieldnodes has placed electric car chargers in Germany. At the start… Continue reading YieldNodes Profits Report August (6.1%)

Exchanges and Attacks

Yieldnodes members have recently reported to the YN Devs that certain withdrawal payments have been blocked by the exchanges they use. As a reason for these denials, SCAM warnings are given by these exchanges.   Whilst YN acknowledges and appriciates critcism and warnings of potentially risky participation, it’s never stated Yieldnodes is safe and must… Continue reading Exchanges and Attacks

Yieldnodes app in the works

Dear Yieldnoders,     June withdrawals have been paid out on time as usual and there’s news of an upcoming Yieldnodes app.   Since the start, there have been apps popping up in the app store on both android and IOS that claim to be from the official devs of Yieldnodes. This is not the… Continue reading Yieldnodes app in the works

YieldNodes Profits Report July (9.1%)

Dear members, We are amazed to share with you this month’s yield at 9.2%! The crediting process was also faster this time around as improvements have been made so it won’t take hours to credit everyone. This results in fewer emails asking where the profits are, so support will get less repeat questions. Audit in… Continue reading YieldNodes Profits Report July (9.1%)

YieldNodes Profits Report June (6.1%)

Valued members, The current economic outlook is not great. Yet Yieldnodes has reported a profit of 6.1%, just a little down from last month.This month also saw the introduction of the Emergency Withdrawal Bonus Feature. This allows users to purchase emergency funds from users withdrawing and taking the 20% hit.To stabilize the system, users can… Continue reading YieldNodes Profits Report June (6.1%)

YieldNodes Profits Report May (6.5%)

Dear Yieldnoder,   Results for May are in and we have achieved a clean +6.5% yield in the system despite markets crashing lower every month. The crashes have been partially due to inflation, war and turmoil in Crypto stablecoins. UST and LUNA have dropped to zero and seem to have brought some fears to the… Continue reading YieldNodes Profits Report May (6.5%)

YieldNodes Profits Report April (8.3%)

Good day Yieldnoders, It has been another month of producing Yield and we are happy to share a profit of 8.3% with you all. Up from last month but not near all-time highs, crypto land is still trading somewhat flat and this also results in ‘average’ profits. Most stocks, assets and currencies are experiencing troubles… Continue reading YieldNodes Profits Report April (8.3%)

YieldNodes Profits Report (7.4%) March

Hello, dear YN holder! Another month has passed and we are happy to announce that our masternode profits for March amounted to 7.4%. Please keep in mind that withdrawals between Feb 16th and Mar 15th will be paid on Apr 4th (for Sapphire) and Apr 8th (for BTC), while any requests made after March 15th… Continue reading YieldNodes Profits Report (7.4%) March